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[Detailed Commentary] 2018 New CB1300 SP announced in the middle of September


CB 1300 series of royal road naked which counted from the first 1000 and came to 25 years. For the first time in quarter century history, the best model with the name of “SP” for the first time made an impact debut. Although the official announcement is not yet. I will disclose all the information that I got at the moment here and close to the real image!*Young machine From September issue of 2018 (July 24 release)

Advanced version which raised the pleasure to operate with Ohlins + Brembo

A big cheers came when the veil was removed from the machine on the stage – suddenly at the CB owner’s meeting held on July 9, the surprise that the new version “SP” of the CB 1300 SF / SB will be released worldwide There was.

This magazine scoop is also in the middle of this SP specification. This title is given to the hot version pursuing running and familiar to the racer replica generation.

In recent years, SP is prepared for CBR1000RR etc, but the setting for BIG-1 = CB1000 / 1300 series is the first in the past 25 years model.

There was a model called “special”, but there is no precedent for the spec that strengthened the foot around this.

The eyeball is Brembo caliper of front and rear Ohlins shock and radial mount as you can see. Sass is jointly developed by Honda and Ohlins headquarters in Sweden, based on ready-made Ohlins. It becomes CB exclusive setting pursuing fine quality and controllability. Also want to be noticed in coloring. Tricolor which tribologically the ’82 year type (FC) of the name motorcycle CB750F is a special color for SP, and it is adopted for the current 1300 for the first time. Indeed, it is a package not ashamed of the name of SP. It is good news that it is sold as a regular model, not limited.

[HONDA CB 1300 SUPER BOLD’OR SP 2018 domestic specification scheduled motorcycle: expected price: 196 thousand yen anticipation announcement time: mid September anticipation release date: October] CB 1300 with an exquisite style charm. High speed tourer specification with half cowl is SB. SP is distinguished by a dedicated color and gold suspension by each part blacked out.

[HONDA CB 1300 SUPER FOUR SP 2018 domestic specification planned motorcycle scheduled motorcycle expected price: 1.86 million yen anticipation announcement time: mid-September anticipated release date: October] SF is round shell type 1 meter headlight with bullet type meter, rear two suspension Orthodox Japanese Naked with. A good old-fashioned coloring shines well with the style of the royal road.

Lightly with 8mm height up!

We made careful tests in developing the suspension, aiming for total, fun and comfortable setting, including not only sports performance but also city riding and touring. The height of the motorcycle is increased by 8mm from the front and back from the STD, which is said to further improve the lightness. Brembo F caliper is the same high rigidity monoblock 4 piston as the current CBR 1000 RR SP. Furthermore, according to the character of CB, the master cylinder diameter and the hardness of the hose are changed, and the effect is left as it is set to emphasize the controllability. In addition, the off-the-shelf Orbins F fork for CB 1300 is a general lateral tightening (thrust mount) mounting of the caliper, but in SP, it is a radial mount to be fastened vertically. Higher braking force is exerted.

This SP, the price is also very attractive. ‘Ohlins premium package for ZRX 1200 Daegu released in’ 16 years is 442,800 yen in front and back set of suspension only. On the other hand, the expected price setting of CB 1300 SP (STD + about 400,000 yen) seems to be quite affordable considering that the caliper is also attached. In addition, the foot around the SP is also set as a genuine part. Even owners who already own CBs can upgrade to SP later.

Apply radial mount etc. based on the latest Ohlins erector fork “RWU”. The spring rate and damping force were also changed, and the suspension length was made longer than the STD by 8 mm. Inner diameter is φ43 mm for STD, SP not yet announced. The fender is also newly designed according to the outer cutout of the aluminum. Also the front and rear wheels are gold → black, complementing the special colors of tricolor and orange gold.

For SP, inner fork is also coated gold with low friction and polished with extremely small compound. Only the SP’s SF is shielding the bottom of the shell of the shell type meter into black.

The seat height is increased by 8 mm. Sporty Ohlins suits a simple tail made up of small muffler and small LED turn signal. Aluminum swing arm & chain cover adopting forged end piece painted black on SP, whereas STD is unpainted.

Rear shock is based on the existing Ohlins product and has its own development & exclusive setting, 8 mm longer than STD. The shape of the upper and lower mounting block was also changed. The part number is “HP 161” which is not on ready-made items. The number of turns of the spring is one step larger than that of STD’s Shoe.

SP is fully adjustable. It has compression side at the center of the left fork top and extension side adjuster on the right, and can be adjusted to 20 levels. The outer hexagon nut is initial and stepless. STD can adjust the initial & extension side steplessly.

Increase 9 inches and improve ease of use while responding to new exhaust gas regulations

CB 1300 14 years have elapsed since deepening to the second generation SC 54 as 1300. Styles and dimensions have already reached full maturity. In the ’08 model, while following the basic form, with a detailed model change, more attractiveness was increased. The 1284,000 straight four engines that had been six-speeded up in the ’14 year model, upgrading to 110 + of + 9 し while meeting the exhaust gas regulation in Heisei 28. We also adopted an assist slipper clutch that lightens the grip force by about 26% and relaxes the engine brake. Newly adopting a power socket, a durable wave key, a helmet holder, etc. are also applied everywhere that the hand reaches reaching the itch. To this degree of completion, the SP that installed the strengthened foot will be exactly a demon and a barrel.

Cradle a radial mountable Brembo 4 piston caliper common with the CBR 1000 RR SP. Similarly, the pad is a high μ type braking fee that is stable. STD is an opposed 4 pod made by Nissin. Although the disk diameter is common Φ 310 mm, the inner disk and the wheel for SP are for CB 1100 RS.

The master cylinder has a piston diameter of φ 14 mm for STD. SP increases the controllability by enlarging the diameter by several mm.

It is offset with the inner disk + front wheel for CB 1100 RS, and it corresponds to large Brembo. Outer disc is common with STD. Brake hose is also for SP only. It is a hard type and the length and branching position of the piping are also optimized. Both SP and STD are standard ABS.

Under the spacious seat. STD will install the ETC onboard equipment as standard, but SP will be equipped with the first ETC 2.0 car-mounted equipment by Honda’s motorcycle. A cigar plug of 12 VDC is newly set behind the seat. He is active in charging smartphones. Grip heaters are also standard equipment.

The name of SP special color is Pearl Hawks Eye Blue. It is divided by the elaborate method more than normal grade, excellent classy feeling. This ’82 CB 750 FC color was adopted for the CB 750 (RC 42) and’ 02 CB 1300 SF (SC 40) specials of the ’00’s, but it is the first in the current SC 54. Combined with Ohlins, there is a taste of CB 750 F reform that became a boom in the ’90s.

Sentence: Hiroaki Numawo
Photography: Junya Yamauchi

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ]

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