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Race Report: 2019 MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship Series Round 2

  • 29/05/2019

[The challenge to the next match became clearer despite the hardship (Round 2)]

■ Race Event Name: 2019 MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship Series Round 2 “2019 NGK SPARK PLUGS Suzuka 2&4 Race”
■ Date [Qualifying RACE 1] Saturday, April 20, 2019 / Weather: Clear/ Course: Dry
[WUP RACE 2] Sunday, April 21, 2019 / Weather: Sunny / Course: Dry
■ Venue: Mie Prefecture Suzuka Circuit (1 lap = 5.821km)
■ Number of Audiences: 58,000 people (a total of 2 days)
■ JSB1000 Rider: Takuya Tsuda
■ Racing Machine: SUZUKI GSX-R1000
■ Qualifying Results RACE 1: 12th place (2 minutes 07:846 seconds) / RACE 2: 11th place (2 minutes 08:050 seconds)
■ Final Result RACE1: 15th place / RACE2: 20th place
■ 12th place in the Annual Series Ranking (26Pt. Total Point Earned)

2 weeks from the Twin Ring Motegi opening round, Suzuka 2&4 Race Series Round 2 was held.During that time, there were two days of private testing and had a drifting race week.

Only in the 2&4 race, it was co-sponsored with FORMULA 3 and the Car SUPER FORMULA, and one of the points is how much the tire rubber affects.
Following the opening round this time, it was the schedule that Official Qualifying and Race1 will be held on Saturday and race 2 will be held on Sunday, but there were 72 teams who were looking forward to Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance, the qualifying session was split into two groups, Group A and Group B.

Takuya Tsuda will be driving in Group B, and ART (Association Road Racing Team) driving on Friday will proceed setup within the limited time of 40 minutes for the first time and 45 minutes for the second time.
The weather was fine on Saturday when the official qualifying took place, and Tsuda reduced the time to 2 minutes 07:846 seconds.In Group B, he was ranked 6 and ranked 12 in general.In the second time to determine the grid for RACE2, No. 11 and both starts from the 4th row was decided to cut.

Last year was 18 laps for both races, but this year, RACE1 was done in 4 laps less than 14 laps.
Tsuda made a good start and cleared the first corner at No.11, but made contact with other motorcycles at the Degner curve and went off the track.He avoided to fell down but dropped out in the ranking, and came back home straight with a 23rd place in the opening lap.From there, he chased up to the 19th place on the 3rd lap, passing other riders ahead.The best lap for the race was recorded on lap 9 and he ran 14 laps and got a checker at 15th.

On Sunday, the clouds covered the sky in the morning, but the temperature has risen and it was a fair condition.From 8 am, the racing machine had experience trouble with the warm-up run taking place for 15 minutes.He switched to a spare machine, and go out quickly, but he chose to repair the main machine before final.However, it was in a situation where it was necessary to face RACE2 with the absence of physically the same parts and a bumped setting.

Please check the racing machine as much as possible in the sitting lap heading to the grid.The RACE2 has started aiming for the goal of 18 laps.It was difficult to see the racing machines that were bumped, and he was unable to increase his pace in the early stages.After that, as the laps are continued, the condition gradually improves and his pace goes up.And he marked the best lap in the remaining two laps.The race was completed, and the team was able to receive the data that led to the next race.



Rider Takuya Tsuda Comment

“In RACE1 I had an accident, RACE2 was a tough round with a set of bumps, but I have found that while continuing trial and error from the pre-test, I have gained experience.Even so, there are still many parts that are not enough, and there are still many issues such as your own riding style and how to use tires.I want to make something good by taking advantage of my past experience.”


Masahiko Saito Comment

“The race week conditions have changed a lot from the pre-race test, and the fact that we were unable to adapt to these conditions has led to this difficult race.I would like to improve it so that the range that can be further addressed can be expanded.In RACE2, I would like to apologize to our rider that he was unable to run in the best situation because he got trouble in the morning warm-up.As the challenges are becoming clearer, I would like to make a preliminary test of SUGO so that we can move forward a little.”


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