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[Webike Team Norick YAMAHA] Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 2

  • 19/06/2019

■Race Name: 2019 Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 2
■Race Date: June 1, 2019 (Sunday)
■Race Venue: Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba Circuit
■Rider/Race Results
S80 Class
#81 Kai Aota/Qualifying: 20th Place Final: 17th Place

J-GP3 Class
#17 Maiki Abe/Qualifying: 13th Place Final: 13th Place

JP250 Class
#17 Maiki Abe/Qualifying: 5fth Place Final: Fall over Retirement


Race Report

Kai Aota participated in the “S80” class of the “Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 2” held at the Tsukuba Circuit, and Maiki Abe participated in the “J-GP3” and “JP250” classes!

Kai Aota ranked 20th place in the qualifying session in 1:08:616 seconds. The final is 17th place in 1:09:319 seconds, and has not reached the target of 5 seconds. It was a tough race because it was right after the injury.

“Maiki Abe, who was a double entry of “”J-GP3″” and “”JP250″” this time, in the J-GP3 qualifying session is 13th place in 1:02:888 seconds. The final was 13th place in 1:03:143.”

It was a good situation for him to update his own best time. The JP250 qualifying session was 5fth place in 1: 07:065 second. The final was 8th place in 1:07:431 seconds.

Both racers are still in the low ranks, but we are looking forward to it.

“The next race will be held on June 22 (Saturday) and 23 (Sun) at Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki Prefecture, with the 4 rounds of the All Japan Road Race Championships, in which Keito Abe participates in the 2019 MFJ Cup JP250 and Maiki Abe participates in the 3rd round of the championship!”

Please support them!


Kai Aota
■Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 2 S80
Qualifying: 20th Place Final: 17th Place Best Time: 1:09:319


Maiki Abe
■Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 2 J-GP3 Class
Qualifying: 13th Place Final: 13th Place Best Time: 1:03:143 seconds


■Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 2 JP250 Class
Qualifying: 5fth place Final: RT


Kai Aota’s Comment

I was injured while practicing the Motard, and I removed the Plaster Cast the day before the practice.

The other day, problem came out on my motorcycle when I was test riding and while checking the condition of my injury and it was the final day without any good point for me and for my motorcycle.

The best time in qualifying round and final round were delayed by 2 seconds, so I could not leave the best result. Although it is little by little, it is a shame though I got used to the body of TZ. I will practice a lot before the next race and I will do my very best to put out the target 5 seconds.

Lastly, thank you very much everyone in the team, everyone who supported me, and people who lent me the parts.


Maiki Abe’s comment

This time, I has a double entry of J-GP3 and JP250. It was uneasy to ride the J-GP3 after a long time, but both were more than 1 second shorter than my practice time in the qualifying session, so it was good to get the results of the practice well.

However, I jumped at the start of J-GP3 Class and ended up running alone for the penalty, and I regretted that I could not give a better time than qualifying.

In the next JP250 race, the rear tire slipped and became high side at the Asian corner rising immediately after the start. Since it was a same fall as Twin Ring Motegi race last time, I decided to practice going ahead while sliding with the timing of opening the throttle in the dirt road.


Coach Mitsuo Abe’s Comment

This time, Abe Maiki has a double entry of J-GP3 and JP250.
Kai Aota who recovers from his right thumb fracture due to a fall while practicing at Okegawa Sportsland will participate in the S80 class, this 2 riders will participate in this race.

It will be qualifying and finals in one day, but it was the qualifying of S80 class Aota Atsushi for 15 minutes from 8:20 AM.

However, although he recovered, he still felt pain in his finger, and as a result, he was ranked 20th place in 1:08:600 seconds slower than his best time.

The qualifying of J-GP3 for Makoto Maiki started at 9:05. He was 1:02:880 1 second faster than his best time. The ranking was the lowest, but it was a good time on a single MX-engine GPMono machine mixed with professional NSF250 racer.

The race was good from the start of the S80, but he was surrounded by other riders in the 1st corner and fell to the bottom.

However, it was the 17th place with three people overtaken. The 15th lap was severe for the injured finger and he dropped the time for about 1 and a half second, but he finished the race.

The J-GP3 race of Maiki Abe looked like a good start, but it was flying and he was ordered to go through the pit lane due to the black flag, and it was a race that ran through the tail of other riders until at the end. However, the time did not exceed compare to qualifying time but he continued in the first half of a race by 1:03:000 seconds, and on average it was a very good result compared to his practice.

This was the first race after replacing it with a new engine, with no settings and no tachometer or water thermometer, the result of flying was disappointing, but it was good in time and a good experience.

“The double entry JP250 was 5th place with a time of 1:07:065 seconds. He made a little mistake at the start of the race but came back in the 6th place.”

As the motorcycle setting has not been getting well yet, he got overtaken by the CBR 250RR in back straight, but in the 1st corner, he got the back of CBR 250RR. However, on the 4th laps at the chicane rise, he ended the race by dalling due to the high side.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to many people because we have suspended due to the red flag.

I think we will study all their participation and hook it up next time since the 2 riders are still inexperienced in terms of racing.

We looking forward to your continue support.


photo by Ishizaki Nobuki

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