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RSA020 Key Chain RS Taichi
posted Sep 19, 2017

Nice key chain

By Jaka Ramayana (3)FromIndonesia

Nice key chain from RS Taichi, made from rubber so it wong scratch on your motorcycle dashboard or any metal part such as gasoline tank.

Gasoline Portable Can X-EUROPE
posted Sep 17, 2017

One thought of Nozzle structure

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

I use it for agricultural work, not for Motorcycle. I also use it for Motorcycle for times of emergency... (^^;Since Nozzle can be stored inside the Bottle together with Cap, the portability is high, but when you install Nozzle, you always touch Gasoline attached to Nozzle, your fingers will smell. Polyethylene gloves are essential.Because of the s...

Disc Lock Mini unicar
posted Sep 17, 2017

Very Reasonable and Effective

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

I bought this cheapest one among the same type lock.Although it is inexpensive, although the construction is solid, the lid has been taken off, it has become quite easy to take a habit while re-attaching it several times, so I removed it.The color is yellow "I am with you" It is good to have an assertion of.Locking behavior No problem at ...

posted Sep 16, 2017

kawasaki Ideal for birth to riders

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

Purchase as birthday Present.Custom parts and other Goods do not use it even if it is Present, in fact it may not be that you liked it, but if it is this product it will be practical and will not fail.It is not likely that there are many people who do not purchase themselves easily even if they think that they are a little good for manufacturer'...

posted Sep 15, 2017

Essential items for masters

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

Going to land you do not know with Touring police control. I do not have the knowledge, I think that if it is caught and pays high Gold.So, if you buy anything, I chose the item that you can get various information from Monitor.First of all, there is no dedicated Bracket for installation, if there is wisdom, it can be installed even with Bracket of...

Multi Bar USB Power Supply 5V2.1A Handlebar Post Clamp Type DAYTONA
posted Sep 14, 2017

great use

By JEEPZMK2 (4)FromThailand

อุปกรณ์ครบ วัสดุแข็งแรงดี ติดตั้งได้ง่าย
สายรัดสายไฟที่ให้มาด้วยทำให้เก็บรัดสายไฟได้เรียบร้อย ไม่เกะกะ...

Swingarm Lift Stand Unit
posted Sep 14, 2017

Easy to use, easy to carry

By NO NAME (2)FromHong Kong

Very easy to use, very easy to carry out for clean chain, and the price is very cheap, i am very satisfy of this product, must buy for any bike which do not have center stand.

Rear Side Garnish YAMAHA
Fits: YAMAHA SR400 (FI) 93 - Standard car bar equipped car (Based on normal cars) 3HTR 3HTS 3HTU 3HTV 3HTW 3HTX 3HTY
  • YAMAHA SR400 (FI) 93 - Standard car bar equipped car (Based on normal cars) 3HTR 3HTS 3HTU 3HTV 3HTW 3HTX 3HTY
posted Sep 14, 2017

For the price ...

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

He did not do anything in particular for his high. Side bag I bought can not be attached properly and now it is just an exterior.Painful failure.

Mini Field Seat Bag MFK-100 19-27L TANAX
Fits: Others capacity : 19L-27L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 19L-27L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
posted Sep 13, 2017

Tanax bag.

By Eh Pattanasak (1)FromThailand

A very nice bag. The right size for my motorcycle and match my usage. The shape is a little classic and compatible with many types of motorcycles. The material of the bag is of good quality and pay attention to the details. I'm glad to buy this bag.

SA-212 Molded Saddle Bag EXP KOMINE
posted Sep 13, 2017

Although it is not actually used, sudden...

By Japan User(translated) (151624)FromJapan

Arrive quickly after ordering, even if you try and wear it immediately, do not chic.There is a strange feeling in fixed Belt, the answer that I researched on YouTube is apparently different in Buckle's installation direction.Fixed Belt Rose Se sorts one set and reassembles.Did not you have trouble with him?

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