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Motorcycle Gear

MotoGP Head Tube MotoGP APPAREL
posted Jun 22, 2018

Smooth and soft fabric

By Anonymous (23)FromThailand

I didn't expect this quality since nowadays there are so many cheap buffs or bandana from China and quality varies greatly. Surprisingly this is one of the better ones. The fabric is soft, smooth, the print quality is clear and sharp. It feels good on your neck. Happy that the quality is up there and doesn't tarnish MOTOGP name.

GK-181 Protect Mesh Gloves Blocker II KOMINE
posted Jun 21, 2018

Good air-flow glove in summer day

By Anonymous (7)FromThailand

Works well on a hot day or summer But it may not be able to rain on a rainy day or warm in the cold. It is designed to be comfortable when worn.

Z Compact Work Cap KAWASAKI
posted Jun 21, 2018

Looks great for a girl!

By Anonymous (6)FromThailand

There are a few of these water cooled caps on webike. And in our opinion, I think this one looks best because it's not too flashy with those Kawi lime green patterns. It's very subtle and looks a bit retro. Looks great on my wife. The water cooling part is very useful on a sunny day.

Dry Team T-shirt YOSHIMURA
posted Jun 20, 2018


By Anonymous (1)FromSingapore

The fit is great. Dry fit kinda material which is great for daily use. It’s Yoshimura, didn’t ’t hesitate to get it then.

SK-815 Air Through Honeycomb Back Protector KOMINE
posted Jun 16, 2018

Without excessive expectation.

By Japan User(translated) (159031)FromJapan

Purchase for Full Mesh's KomineJacket for Summer. This Quantity : 1pc. Protection seems to be lower than the attached Urethane pad. So inside the attached Pad (Body side) I tried using two piled on. It's about the hot weather, but honestly I do not feel so cool. Well it's cheap, so it's like being good for 2-ply laying.

Stealth Fit Mesh Knee Protector ROUGH&ROAD
posted Jun 14, 2018


By Japan User(translated) (159031)FromJapan

【What made you decide the purchase?】Easy to remove【How was it actually used in the rain?】Protector in somewhat covers【Please tell me the environment such as rainfall and time used】Heavy Rain, 18 o'clock【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】There is no problem as it can be adjusted[Is there anything...

T513 Waterproof Engine Guard Bag GIVI
posted Jun 14, 2018

I like this crashbag!

By Anonymous (11)FromThailand

I like this bag. It can be mounted almost anywhere on a motorbike.It's waterproof. The GIVI logo can reflect the night. It also protects the motorbike from crash on dirt road.

SK-689 Inner Chest Guard SF KOMINE
posted Jun 14, 2018

I do not have much sense of attaching, e...

By Japan User(translated) (159031)FromJapan

This Protector frequently suits the shape of the chest, and because it is relatively thin, my chest does not swell too much, I like it very much. Since it is just an Inner formula, I pasted a Strong Double-sided Tape expression Magic tape on the surface of this Protector and pasted it on a Jacket other than Komine for use.Because it is the making o...

[SUPER CUB 100 Million Commemoration] Cub T-Shirt HONDA RIDING GEAR
posted Jun 13, 2018


By Anonymous (65)FromThailand

HONDA RIDING GEAR [SUPER CUB 100 Million Commemoration] Cub T-Shirt เสื้อยืดฮอนด้า super cub 2018 ผ้าดี ใส่สบาย ไซส์ L ขนาดกำลังดี สาวก super cub ควรค่าแก่การสะสม
Honda super cub 2018 fabric comfortable size L size good size, the super cub discipline is worth collecting.(translated by Google Translator)

WJ-741S Super fit Protected Leather Mesh Jeans KOMINE
posted Jun 13, 2018

It is a super fit..

By Japan User(translated) (159031)FromJapan

Usually I was running with leather bread, but Size did not suit me so poor operability, I thought that I want something different.Price is also 10,000 yen slightly so it's easier to get out if compared to ordinary leather bread. Well I will still pay 10,000 yen. It is Motorcycle supplies and it can not be helped.Well, I felt like I wear it unde...

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