A Futuristic Motorcycle that was Too Far Ahead of its Time, Honda NM4! [Recommended Motorcycle]

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A style that looks like something out of a comic book

In any era, there are many things that are considered "too far ahead of its time". This NM4 is one of those "too far ahead of its time" motorcycles in the motorcycle industry.

The rear tire is a massive 200 size, and the motorcycle has an advanced style that looks like something out of a comic book. The 750cc two-cylinder engine is powered by the DCT, which is now widely used in the world, especially in the X-ADV. The pillion seat can be angled to become a backrest, which is a package that would be popular nowadays.

However, it is definitely a unique style. It is equipped with a 6-speed transmission. You may say, "It's an AT, right?" but it is equipped with a 6-speed transmission, which is perfect for a sports cruiser.

If the reason for the lack of sales volume is forced upon us, it would be the price? The price of a new motorcycle was over 1 million yen, which is likely why it was hard to get into it easily. If you were feeling that way at the time, how about now that it's more affordable!

You can't go wrong with the futuristic, unmistakable shape and comfortable ride!
There aren't many used ones for sale, so get there early before they're gone when you're ready to ride!

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