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  • NEW
    • SUZUKI STREETMAGIC [Street Magic] 110 : 2 98 (Model : CF12A Frame No : CF12A-100001-) for rear
    • LETS4 [Let's] : G : Palette 05-07 (Model : CA 41 A Frame No : CA 41 A - 100001 -) for rear 97- (Type : CA 1 LA Frame No : CA1LA-100001-) For rear
    • LETS4 [Let's] Basket 07 - (Model : CA 43 A Frame No : CA43A-100050-) for rear 98-00 (Type : CA 1 MA Frame No : CA1MA-100001-) For rear
    • LETS4 [Let's] : G : - Palette 08 - (Model : CA 45 A Frame No : CA 45 A - 100001 -) for rear 98-00 (Type : CF 11 A Frame No : CF11A-100001-) For rear
    • STREETMAGIC [Street Magic] 98 (Type : CF1NA frame NO : CF1NA-100047-) For rear
    • ...and more.
    posted Jul 19, 2017KITACO тормоза
    By Max777 (1)FromRussia
    brakes, kitaco, showed a good result, slows down better than the Chinese,and, therefore, to place all five stars..,!!Read More
  • NEW
    • ADDRESS110
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    In common with this chameleontom -result like on the car Buddhas on the clutch all the time-the result was not impressed/ petrol consumption went up* so it will return to normal spring!Read More
  • NEW
    posted Jul 13, 2017DUNLOP Tubeless
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    Very good quality* did not expect-that as the original one/ in one! I recommend to buy-I took two pieces will be useful, and then later China to put 5 + for Dunlop Tubeless Valve.Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA MAJESTY125 A cab / FI car)
    posted Jul 13, 2017Отлично!
    By NO NAME (1)FromRussia
    Всем привет !
    Посылку получил, в хорошую упаковку упаковано. Из Японии в Новороссийск посылка дошла за месяц.
    Спасибо !Read More
  • NEW
    • KAWASAKI EPSILON150 [Epsilon] CG43B 02
    • SUZUKI ADDRESS110 [address] CF11A 03 03-06
    • ADDRESS110 [address] CF11A 00-01 03-09
    • KLX125 02-04
    • ADDRESS110 [address] CF11A 05
    • ...and more.
    posted Jul 6, 2017brake
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    тормозные колодки отличного качества.для замены старых оригинальных (Сузуки ) вместо -вид достойный ораенжевый starprajonu..снять тормоз быстрее и плавнее, по сравнению с изношенными, .Я рекомендую, к...Read More
  • NEW
    • CUB
    • JAZZ
    By Vasily (3)FromRussia
    As my right foot like to turn right on footpeg I was dreaming about larger brake pedal. This one KIJIMA brake pedal cover lay perfectly to my Honda Super Cub 50(AA04). It was easy to install on peda...Read More
  • NEW
    Good quality, fast delivery. For installation on Honda x4 needs a little work with a file because they interfere with the regular turn signalsRead More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI LETS4 [Let's]
    • LETS5 [Let's] (CA1PB-100001-)
    • ZZ (CA1KA-308837-)
    • LETS2 [Let's] G
    • LETS2 [Let's] L (CA1PA-100001-)
    • ...and more.
    posted Jun 23, 2017roller
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    I bought these rollers are of excellent quality.to replace the old original instead of the twenty Gramovich the old worn-out..remove the acceleration is faster and smoother compared to the worn out li...Read More
  • NEW
    • Others Universal
    Поставил звено. Но пины обломились раньше чем положено в процессе закручивания гаек(тянул по переменно ,проворачивая на 60 градусов). То есть основная(серебряная) часть пинов так и не вышла за скобу. ...Read More
  • NEW
    • YAMAHA SR400
    • SR500
    posted Jun 19, 2017Perfect sound
    By NO NAME (1)FromRussia
    Stock relapsed on this silencer. I was surprised from this sound.
    No any problem on high rpm. loud bass on idle run. Alive sound much better then on video. Faust delivery. But band was metal colored...Read More
  • NEW
    posted Jun 16, 2017Good quality,slim fit
    I have a slightly narrow palm and long fingers ... When choosing the size, I chose the largest one to make my fingers comfortable. With a total palm and finger length of 21 centimeters, the size of th...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA Fusion type 1 / Type 2 MF02 All year Helix 1 type / Type 2
    • Fusion type 1 / Type 2 / Type X MF02 ALL MODEL
    posted Jun 1, 2017i liked this
    Nice covers! But it fitted my honda fusion 250 with problems: some holes did'nt fit with my frame and i was forced to made two adapters. Color fitted perfectly, white pearl. But generally, pieces fit ...Read More
  • NEW
    • HONDA FUSION [Fusion] 1 type / Type 2 / Current new car type X
    • Helix 1 type / Type 2
    posted Jun 1, 2017nice windshield
    By NO NAME (2)FromRussia
    Nice windshield. Fitted my honda fusion 250 very vell. I ride it for two months and pleased with this. It will perfectly fit for city and 50-100km travels, bigger distances requires longer windshield...Read More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV504st CA42A/44A
    • LETS4 [Let's] CA41A / 43A / 45A / 46A
    • LETS5 [Let's] / G CA47A
    • ADDRESSV100 [address]
    • SEPIA [sepia] ZZ AJ50 : CA1HC
    • ...and more.
    posted May 28, 2017daytona
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    I bought these rollers are of excellent quality.replace old already Polymertech(Suzuki v100 instead of just the standard 16 grams.take off acceleration is faster and smoother compared to the previous ...Read More
  • NEW
    • SUZUKI Address V100 2001 【Frame No. 】 CE11A - 508323 or later
    • SEPIA ZZ (sepia) 1992 【Frame No. 】 CA 1 EB - 232526 or later
    • SEPIA ZZ (sepia) 1993 【Frame No. 】 CA 1 HC - 100001 or later
    • Address V 100 2000 【Frame No. 】 CE 11 A - 302997 or later
    • Address V 100 1999 【Frame No. 】 CE11A - 294817 or later
    • ...and more.
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    Bought this hard spring of excellent quality.to replace the old original (Suzuki ) instead of starprajonu..remove the acceleration is faster and smoother compared to the worn out, the acceleration sha...Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA Magna (V Twin Magna)
    • Magna (V Twin Magna) S
    posted Apr 15, 2017All good
    Easy to install, great sound, almost the only alternative to factory exhaust.
    Improved reaction to the throttle, the sound there is a little echo, but it can be fixed with flutes with gasket
    all hap...Read More
  • Fits:
    • YAMAHA Jog ZR (CV50ZR) (03. 3-) 5SW1 · 2 · 3 · 5 · 7 Required number : One
    • SUZUKI Grand Axis 100 (YA100) (98. 9-01. 4) 5 FA 1 required number : One
    • ural Active (CH50E) (85. 6-) Required number : One
    • DUCATI High 50 / R50 (85-) Required number : One
    • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Address V 100 (91-) CE11A required number : One
    • ...and more.
    posted Apr 6, 2017ngk 4815
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    Bought this candle is of excellent quality.to replace the old original ngk6/ instead of the old spark..remove the acceleration is faster and smoother, compared to a bad running motor, like a rag.I rec...Read More
  • posted Mar 23, 2017Very large size!
    I am 26.5 Japan/41euro/ 7.5-8US.(all my boots) Bought Taichi 26 size(41euro\7.5 us) It is very large! Thaichi 26 = 27.5 length of foot. Read More
  • Fits:
    • HONDA JOKER50 [Joker] (Frame number 1022348-) [AF42]
    • CABINA [Cabina] (Frame number 1022348-) [AF33]
    • LEAD50 [Lead] 1022348- [AF20]
    posted Mar 11, 2017belt
    By Irina (15)FromRussia
    Bought this strap is of excellent quality.to replace the old original (honda ) to replace the old belt With him..the acceleration was quicker and smoother compared to the worn out like a rag.Recommend...Read More
  • Fits:
    posted Mar 3, 2017NBS JAPAN Rear Carrier
    By Romany4 (4)FromRussia
    Very good thing. All necessary hardware are included. to install you need to unscrew the 2 rear bolts securingthe seat frame.
    Very convenient for the installation of topcase.Read More
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